For government, non-profit and community landowners

A residential street scene with modern houses on one side and a lush green forest in the background. The sky is partly cloudy, suggesting early summer weather. There is an empty, undeveloped lot in the foreground, with patches of grass and a large log lying across it. The houses have a contemporary design with dark and neutral colors, and the neighborhood appears quiet and newly developed.

Let us help you develop a vision for underutilized land and unlock it for housing.

BC Builds helps government, non-profit, First Nations, and community landowners like local health authorities, school districts, colleges and universities, faith groups, service clubs, and more.

BC Builds can help you develop a vision for the use of your land and work with you to set project goals and timelines. BC Builds will help you look for creative opportunities to add housing on your existing sites, and to incorporate housing above new community infrastructure you might be building. And, if needed, BC Builds can help you secure a development partner and a building owner/operator.

Grants of up to $225,000 per unit to lower construction costs are available for buildings to be owned and operated by non-profits and First Nations development companies. Please note that BC Builds does not provide ongoing operating subsidies to buildings or build supportive or low-income housing.

Reach out to learn how to turn your land into housing.


BC Housing acknowledges the Province’s commitment to the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act as well as the Province’s consultation obligations to First Nations regarding the use and disposition of underutilized provincial land that may be identified as potential BC Builds projects.

BC Housing will work with the Province and First Nations to ensure these obligations are met. During this process, BC Housing will also be engaging with First Nations to look for BC Builds partnership opportunities.